2,000 Followers – A Thank You

Woooo doggie!  Alert the presses and fire up the ticker tape parade!  The Dimwit has gone and done it.  2,000 followers.  2,000 real genuine, funny, thoughtful, kind, and incredibly beautiful ding dong dingalings.  Nice.

We haven’t officially met, but I can confidently say that I love you all.   What a crew of misfits we’ve managed to put together that really seem to get this strange and precious thing we call life, and what a life it’s been for the Dimwit these past few months.

I attended a wedding last night.  It was something.  Two of my friends from the film industry got hitched, and well, a film industry wedding is very much like what you’d expect.  Lots of creative types, colorful outfits, beautiful decorations, open-minded sentiments being shared, gay couples, straight couples, lots of love, an open bar, plenty of dancing, and the Dimwit right in the middle of it all, just having a ball and making plenty of embarrassing moments to regret the following day.  Thank goodness I passed out in my wedding clothes face down on my bed before I left too many Facebook messages and sent out too many texts.  I sent one to this really pretty girl that told me I smelled nice and I’m pretty sure that I blew it.  That’s the way it goes.

I was talking to one of my friends last night before I took one to many visits to the open bar.  I was telling her a little bit about my blog.  What an awfully lame thing to talk about at a wedding, but here’s the thing.  It was just nice to have a discussion with other creative people about writing and art, and all that sort of stuff.

I’ve been holed up in my apartment for a while and haven’t been doing a lot of socializing lately.  It’s been a little tough on me, because I’m a normally a fairly sociable guy.  But that’s just the way it’s gotta be when I do writing.  I can’t have distractions and a million people texting and calling me to come over to eat perogies for dinner.  Sorry, but the Dimwits gone mad and he’s busy writing Photoshop tutorials.   Hope you understand, but you probably won’t, but you’ll just have to get over it anyways.

So I was sharing with my friend a little about my writing process.  It’s really crazy.  My apartment looks like a bomb went off.  Empty cartons of Franzia boxed wine on the floor, stacks of clothes piled to the ceiling from two months of neglecting laundry, papers and unopened mail strewn all over the place, garbage overflowing, stacks of photo albums taking up half my bed, piles of dirty dishes, ect, ect, ect.  If anyone saw it, they’d surely know that a madman lives there, and they would probably slowly back away.  It’s a sight to behold, but that’s just how I write.  I let everything else go for a few weeks or a few months, and I let myself go truly mad.

I’m back to work now on a TV pilot, so the madness has come to an end pretty much.  I’ve got to be presentable.  My job requires me to deal a lot with the public and I’m the face of the company.  I meet with the police, borough officials, business owners, principals, pastors, real estate agents, and I have to knock on strangers’ doors to ask if we can use their house for filming.  I can’t be a total madman out in the public!  So I’ve pulled it together, cleaned up my apartment, did the dishes, washed 8 loads of laundry, and now I’m back to mixing it up and meeting all kinds of folks along the way while I’m out scouting for locations.  What a life indeed.

Well, anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  Super busy, but not too busy to offer up a thank you to my fellow dimwits.  I really appreciate reading all your comments, all the likes, shares, reblogs, and such.  It means a lot to me.  But once again, a simple thank you isn’t quite enough to show my appreciation.  So how’s about an autographed photo of the Dimwit out on a nice picnic with Jennifer Love Hewitt, laying on the blanket next to one another, doing a little nuzzling while staring away at the puffy clouds.

Sending my love to all of you wonderful guys and gals.  Thanks dimwits.  You’re the best.  2000 Followers Flattened

So I promised  some shout outs for this next round.  A promise is a promise is a promise, and I try to make good on my promises.  So here you go.  Here’s some other sites that you dimwits should check out.

1.  Parallel Universe –  It’s my friend Debz!  Besides being super cute and being a delightful soul, she’s also a great writer.  She writes these awesome poems and I’m jealous.  If you’re not a poetry person, fret not.  She also has reviews, excerpts from her book, and a variety of other postings.  Debz would love to have you around, I’m sure.   So go check out her blog please.

2.  Sound Hippy – I’m a music lover.  Can’t get enough of it, so I wanted to give some love for my musician friend, Becky.  She has a video of this really great cover she did of a Nick Drake song, but her originals are freaking sweet too.  So go give Becky’s music a listen and offer to buy her a granola bar or something.  Isn’t that what you hippies eat??  It’s gotta be better than the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches that I lived on the past few months.  Jeez Louise.  It’s good to be working again.

3.  25 To Fly –  Imagine the odds?  Here’s another rock star with the name Becca.  She’s a redheaded twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned business student with a mean set of drums.  Tell me if that isn’t a lethal combination of skills and traits!  Her blog is good for a lot of laughs for sure.   Leave it to those fiery redheads to stir up some trouble.  In the good way, of course.

Well, like I said, I’m super busy but I plan to keep writing and posting whenever I can, when I’m not out mixing it up, making a fool of myself to pretty girls and eating pierogi dinners with these sweet, old ladies that seem to take a liking to the Dimwit.  Perks of the job.  I meet all these nice people when I’m out scouting locations and I get fed well.  I’m about to gain 30 pounds in the next few months.  It’s gonna be awesome just like you dimwits.  Thanks again.


70 thoughts on “2,000 Followers – A Thank You

    • And congrats to you on your writing successes. Always nice to run into another fella or gal working in the biz. I used to think we’re a different breed, but after spending some time here at WordPress, I’m not so sure. The world is full of knuckleheads!

        • You three together is quite the trio. Someday, we outta all meet up to go camping or something, but I’m not sleeping in your tent. The thing will be drenched by morning with all that peeing of yours! Sure would be fun though.

        • I don’t regularly go to crhcuh for crhcuh’s sake, but I’m a paid choir soloist pretty frequently. Usually I go to Christ Presbyterian on E. Gorham, which is a wonderful place.I think the music is very important to me, personally. I grew up in a musical environment (my mom was also a soloist) and if there was one thing that drove me nuts, it was “cheap” music. “Christmas Calypso”??? Please. If you’re going to glorify the Lord, GLORIFY the LORD!I know a lot of people there feel the same way — for them, crhcuh IS music, and vice versa. It’s a way to really let the feelings move through you and express things you don’t know how to say. Christ Pres. is a very friendly place for just about everyone. It’s the little touches — activity bags for the kids with little toys and crayons, a pastor/outreach coordinator who focuses on internationals (from the university and otherwise), etc. They have a “three-minute rule” which states that people should take the three minutes after the service to chat with people they don’t know instead of just finding the people they do. People are always saying hello and asking how long we’ve been attending, what kinds of things we like, where we’re from — not creepily, just being genuinely friendly. They encourage everyone, baptized or not, to come up for communion, and they take time to examine why and how they do their services so they can do it in a way that’s most meaningful.In contrast, when I went to Grace Episcopal on the square… well, first off, the choir was all over the place and everyone sort of threw up their hands. They also had little things here and there that made me wonder how much they paid attention — everyone was drinking from the same communion cup, even though people were coughing and sneezing all over the place! Wiping is not going help that much! I know that when they were there they were trying to find a new priest after a pretty tough run, but the larger community felt really rattled and kind of… accepting their fate. As if there wasn’t anything they could do. It was kind of dark and dreary and without a lot of purpose.Most of all, when I go to Christ Pres I like being around a group of such good people. I know that we’re all there for the same reason: we want to be in a community that cares for each other and thinks good things about the world. It makes me feel healthy inside; it’s a really refreshing way to start the week.

      • Never Tumbleweed! Wait, I didn’t know you’re a little person. From the photos, you look a lot taller. That was a bad joke. I think I need to go eat some dinner and get some more oxygen to my brain. XO

  1. Weddings are good, I guess, but they commit one to so much time and time is scarce when you are a busy dimwit, or try to be; a dimwit that is. It takes real talent to be a successful dimwit. – Aloha – pjs.

    • I miss Joong-Ki a lot. That’s why I can’t wait for Nice Guy. Man, I think I might be able to make a committment to rcapeping it without even watching the first episode.

    • Aw, thanks dear. Laughing out loud is the best, except when you’re in the library and they ask you to leave which happens to me sometimes. Can’t help it. Laughing fits get a hold of me and they won’t let go. Rock on to you as well!

  2. Kudos to your craziness, without it I would be wondering if I was truly the only other misfit in the room. Thank god I have company. I was feeling a tad bit lonely for myself. You reaffirm my faith that some of us just carry a different drum and aren’t afraid of doing a solo act ever now and then. Besides, why settle for normal when its so damn boring. Cheers to you dimwit and to the army you inspire.

    • What a great sentiment! I feel the dimwit love. And yes, I agree. Life would definitely be boring if there weren’t those of us out there mixing it up and fumbling our way through life. Nice to have you around. Cheers to you.

  3. 2000 followers. In Ireland we love the underdog but once you achieve we go off you big time! We say things like “I knew him when he was nothing!”. So now when I read your posts that is what I’ll be tut tutting! However I will still be reading your posts, We’re a strange breed. Well done ( said begrudgingly).

    • Haha thanks! I still have a long ways to go. I might make a few detours along the way, I might get there and I might not. I’m just along for the ride and happy others are along with me. Should be fun :)

    • You were famous? Do tell. I think being famous would be the worst. I meet a lot of actors and actresses and they’re lonely. Live their lives out of hotels and everyone treats them like royalty, but only cause they want something from them. The money would be nice though. Guess everything’s a trade off.

  4. Thanks for the shout out (my first)! Granola bars are welcome, as are good vibes and peace, man. Or beer. I’m not picky ;)

    Congrats on TWO THOUSAND followers! Us dimwits are multiplying like rabbits.

  5. Thanks Dearest!!! I do so very muchly appreciate you talking about me on your blog. My insides are full of appreciative warm fuzzy tingly feels. Aw shux! You are fabulous!!!! xoxo Debz

    • Yes! A virtual kiss and now some x’s and o’s. This relationship is moving along rapidly, but I like where it’s headed. You’re very welcome, dear. It was my pleasure. Wish I had more time to do some reading but I’ll get all caught up one of these days. Keep writing!

  6. Chris, I can’t find a direct email. I posted a link to your site today. (I’m not sure if you saw a posted-note I added to earlier communication(s). You can find the post via my site.

  7. I don’t consider myself a follower. I consider myself a “shareholder” of Dimwit Enterprises Inc. Keep our company doin what it does best and make sure the reports get filed. Look forward to the new Dimwit Adventures from inside the movie industry. Now get to work!

  8. Holy 2,000 Dimwits!!!! Who would have ever thought there are more of you in this world? Congratulations!!! I guess this makes me a famous mother?!?!?

    PS Way to go, and glad you cleaned up the place. You gotta be prepared. You never know when a hot chica is gonna stop by for some Franzia!

  9. Hooty hooo! 2000 is outstanding! Thanks for the shout out man. I am glad we crossed paths. You are one funny mofo, and I mean that in the best of ways. Cheers from my vacation in Michigan!

    • People take vacations to Michigan??? I thought that was only on their tourism commercials. Just kidding friend! I’m glad we crossed paths too. Hope you enjoyed your vacation to Michigan? Just kidding again. :)

    • Ha! Yeah, let’s hope my rags to riches story has a longer shelf life. Poor Biggie. I’ll be pouring out some beer on the sidewalk for my homie tonight. No I won’t. I’m still too poor and every drop is too priceless.

  10. Jumps up ‘n down…deafening shouts…2000 followers!!!! …some of us knew dimwitting was so the next rage! May your scouting endeavors be prolifically blog worthy.

    • You Asians really are very honorable people. But is it true that you don’t eat sushi with chopsticks? I heard that you use forks or your hands and chopsticks are more or less an American thing. Please advise.

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