A Day In the Life of a Movie Location Scout

001 Pittsburgh

Well, Pittsburgh’s no Qatar, but it is definitely a beautiful city.  This is a shot taken from the rooftop of the Convention Center in downtown.  You should see it all lit up at night.  I love my city.  I love Pittsburgh.

I worked 20 hours yesterday.  Ah, yeah.  I’m officially back to scouting on the movies, and it feels good, if only for just this week.  There’s more work coming down the pike and I’ll be back at it full time very soon.  Making that ca$h monies, living the dream.

Scouting on movies is wild.  It’s full throttle, action packed, hustling, on the go.  Seeing some of the most interesting and beautiful locations all over the city and surrounding areas, and meeting all sorts of people.  Just to give you an example of an average day, a few of yesterday’s highlights went like this:

– Scouted several ornate churches built in the early 1900’s.  Got the history on Tiffany Glass stained windows, and got to see the windows up close and personal.  Climbed to the bell tower, got pigeon poop in my eye, but the view was worth it.  Not too many people get to climb the bell tower.

– Scouted the Convention Center.  Security guard told me all about how her daughter was an extra in a movie.  She wants to be an extra in a movie, too.  Everyone everywhere you go wants to be an extra and wants you to keep them informed when the movie fires up.  It’s exhausting, but people are so friendly and nice.

– Scouted a hotel restaurant.  The one waitress gave me the history of the giant mural painted on the wall.  She pointed out several flaws in the painting then insisted I check out their new speak easy restaurant and led me downstairs to peek in the window.  The gal was pretty, blond and enthusiastic.  I think she liked me.  I took a photo of her and two of the other waiters, and told her I’d be back sometime to say hello.

– Ran into a homeless person.  She wanted me to take her photo sitting on a bench.  I did. Then she asked me what I was doing.  I explained I was scouting on a movie, and she told me of her concerns that if we choose this particular church for a location, she and the other homeless people won’t have a place to sleep on the adjacent hidden sidewalk at night.  I assured her I would take care of her, and see to it that she has a place to sleep somewhere else if we end up filming here.  Said goodbye.  Had to run.

Speaking of having to run, gotta go.  I had a short break in between making phone calls to set up appointments today.  I have a list of 20 locations to try and get into today and tomorrow.  Many more adventures to be had.  Just wanted to check in.  I’ll respond to comments and such maybe this weekend.  I have another 20 hour day ahead of me.   Cheers.

One last thing, please do me a favor.  I like to help people out when I can.  This really talented artist that goes by the name Alexandra is in a competition.  She’s so sweet and talented (and super cute!)  She’s just got a great spirit about her and very humble.   I want to help her win this competition, so could you please click the link and vote for her on Facebook.  It will only take less than 2 minutes of your time.  I worked a 20 hour day, but I took the time to try and help her out.  It would mean a lot if you dimwits did the same.

Click the link here to go vote for her.  Also, check out her site.  She has this favorite series of mine with these cities of miniature houses she makes out of paper receipts and candy wrappers.  It’s truly amazing.  Give it a look when you get some time.  Thanks so much.  Off for some more adventuring…

002 Pittsburgh003 Pittsburgh004 Pittsburgh005 Pittsburgh006 Pittsburgh

Facebook Odds & Ends – Volume Three

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about the privacy issues with Facebook?  I’m about to school you.  This one’s for Zuckerberg, that slimy weasel.  That sell out.  Handing over people’s private information for profit.  Time to go to class.

As I’ve stated before, I’m no longer on Facebook with the exception of staying connected with my family.   I’m rarely on Facebook anymore.  WordPress is now my home for causing trouble and ensuing hilarity.  But when I was active on Facebook, sometimes I would click on random stranger’s profiles.  The majority of them had their privacy settings so that you couldn’t see their photos, but some of them left their photos public.  Booyah.  I would leaf through random stranger’s photos and download various pics that I found either humorous or interesting.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the photos, if anything.  But they were made public property.  They were now mine and yours thanks to your boy, Zuckerberg, and all the many changes Facebook makes throughout the years.  If you don’t stay on top of it, your photos very well could be made public without your knowledge.

So what’s the big deal?  Most likely nothing.  That is unless someone with a creative mind, too much time on his hands, and killer Photoshop skills gets a hold of them.

Chris Winter

Above is a photo of me that I’ll be using for the purpose of this educational demonstration.  With a little Photoshop magic, I’m about to go make some new Facebook friends.  These are complete strangers.  I’ve never met any of them in my life.  If you happen to recognize any of the folks, tell them I said hello.  And if you don’t recognize any of them, don’t worry.  I’ve downloaded several hundred more photos, so maybe your friends will be in the next round.  And who knows?  Maybe some of you dimwits will be as well.  Now let’s go Facebooking, shall we?  We definitely shall.

*   *   * 

SwingVollyballBeach BabeLakeSwinging BridgeMirrorTree HuggerNorth CarolinaCemeteryGhetto Booty

*   *   * 

Change your Facebook settings to private, you dimwits!  And make sure you tell Zuckerberg to suck it.  That slimy weasel.

Chris Hinton’s Life Book – Chapter One

Get this you dimwits.  So my former room mate is in the process of adopting a child.   The adoption agency asked her to put together what’s called a life book.  Essentially, a life book is an overview of a person’s life in pictures so the child can begin visualizing and getting comfortable with the idea of living a life with their new parent(s).

Here’s the thing though.  My former room mate is single.  She asked that when the adoption finally goes through, would I mind spending some time with the kid on occasion so that he has a male figure in his life.  Are you kidding me?!!  I didn’t even have to think about it twice.  I said, “Sure.  Have the little runt come up to mow the grass and fetch me a beer while I’m watching Sports Center or something.”  Man oh day.  Me, the Dimwit, a father figure of sorts.  Break out the fat cigars.  This is gonna be something special.

It wasn’t required, but I went ahead and put together a life book of my own just so the kid can start getting familiar with my life as well.  Junior, meet your new daddy!!!

Chris Hintons life bookSteelers GameHey Junior.  Check this shiznit out.  Here’s your Papi with your aunt and uncle getting ready to go over to our friend’s house to watch the Steelers game.   We love football and bleed the black and gold.  Go Stillers!!!  Stairway to Seven, baby!!!!


Oh, no big deal.  It’s just your daddy paragliding off the Swiss freaking Alps son!!!  What a rush.  I love traveling and taking adventures.  One day, that will be me and you jumping off the cliffs, dodging trains, racing cars for pink slips, and skydiving 12,000 feet from out of an airplane.  We gotta wait until you’re at least 9 or 10 before we start doing all of that stuff though.  Keep it on the down low or else Mom will have a major conniption fit.


Look who it is!  It’s your cousins from Arkansas after your Pops took them out for a mani/pedi.  I had the nice Asian lady paint a unicorn on my index finger.  Tried to anyhow but there was a bit of a language barrier trying to explain what a unicorn was to her and she jacked it all up.  It’s cool though, it still turned out better than my last mani/pedi.

Unicorn Nail

Now who are these strangers?  That’s two of your uncles hiding eggs for an Easter egg hunt!  That’ll be you out in the yard, looking for eggs one day.  Holidays are always a fun time out at Gram’s.  Picnics, and grilling, and shooting bottle rockets at each other on 4th of July.  Some good times ahead, buddy.  I can’t wait.


Boy, I remember this one.  This is the day your daddy damn near had a nervous breakdown.   Had to make an emergency visit with the doctor and everything.  I’ve had a few more mental meltdowns since then, but your daddy is a survivor.  Got a cocktail of pills and a fifth of Jack, and a new son!!!  Which reminds me, I better get a refill before your paperwork goes through.


Here’s your daddy at the roller skating rink with his good friend Ana.  Isn’t Ana a hottie McTottie?!   I’d take you roller skating, but I was banned for life from ever going back there again.  Long story, but I can still take you to the arcade or my cousin’s bar that has all these really cool stuffed animals that he shot in Africa, or somewhere like that.  You’re gonna love cousin Joe’s place.  It’s better than the zoo any old day of the week!

KissHere’s your daddy putting on his Sunday best, on the way to morning church services.


Watch out!!!  Fire in the hole!!!  This is when my flipping drunk friends almost burnt down the entire cabin, so daddy had to swoop in and take some quick action to save the day.  Bet you didn’t know your daddy was a superhero, did you?!!  Alls I need now is a cape!!

Christmas partyJust mixing and mingling it up at the Christmas party.  Keeping it fresh with the ladies.  Daddy’s gonna bring you home a new mama so you can have two of them!!  Wouldn’t that be fun?  Shoot, maybe I’ll even fetch you three mamas if I play my cards right.  Can never have too many mamas, son, especially the sugar mamas.

TerminatorHere’s your daddy scotch taping an LED light to his eye like the Terminator.  I went around the house knocking over tables, breaking lamps, chasing after your Gram pretending that she was Sarah Connor, and threatening to exterminate her.   What a great night.  You’ll absolutely love the family, Junior.  We’re a close-knit bunch.

Well, hasta la vista baby!  It’s almost Friday night, and I gotta go to the Casino to try and win back my savings that I blew last Friday night.  If you don’t hear from me for a while, it just means that daddy’s gotta hide out a little, lay low on the lamb for a spell.  I’ll send ya another life book soon, buddy.  Introduce you to some more of the cousins and family.

Stay in touch son.  We’re gonna have one hell of a time, me and you and mommy.  Big hugs and high fives.  Gotta run.

25 Must See Photos of Italy

Three years ago, I took my Mom on a two week vacation to Italy.  It’s always been a dream of hers to visit the motherland, so I was happy to be in a position to finally see that her dream was fulfilled.  Despite a few tense moments that were to be expected when a mother and her 32 year old son team up to travel, it was a great trip.  We visited Rome, toured the Colosseum, saw the Vatican, traveled to Sicily, walked the beaches, drove the countryside, and ate gelato until our hearts were content.

Whether you’ve been to Italy or have only seen photos, I think you’ll find a mother-son take to be a fresh perspective on such a beautiful country.  So without further ado, may I present 25 must see photos of Italy like you’ve never seen before.  

1.  My Mom taking a picture of a flight status board. 
001 My Mom Taking a Picture of a Flight Status Board

2. My Mom taking a picture of tables and chairs.
002 My Mom Taking a Picture of Tables

3. My Mom taking a picture of a leaf.
003 My Mom Taking a Picture of a Leaf

4. My Mom taking a picture of rigatoni.
004 My Mom Taking a Picture of Her Rigatoni

5. My Mom taking a picture of a homeless person.
005 My Mom Taking a Picture of a Street Bum

6. A picture of my Mom holding an umbrella.
007 A Picture of My Mom Holding An Umbrella

7. A picture of me holding an umbrella.
008 My Mom Taking a Picture of Me Holding An Umbrella

8. My Mom taking a picture of the ceiling.
008 My Mom Taking a Picture of the Ceiling

9. My Mom taking a picture of candles.
009 My Mom Taking a Picture of Candles

10. My Mom taking a picture of flower arrangements.
010 My Mom Taking a Picture of Flower Arrangements

11. My Mom taking a picture of grass.
011 My Mom Taking a Picture of a Grass

12. Me taking a picture of grass.
012 My Mom Taking a Picture of Me Taking a Picture of Grass

13. My Mom taking a picture of peat moss.
013 My Mom Taking a Picture of Peat Moss

14. My Mom taking a picture of sand.
014 My Mom Taking a Picture of Sand

15. My Mom taking a picture of stucco.
015 My Mom Taking a Picture of Stucco

16. My Mom taking a picture of stratus clouds.
016 My Mom Taking a Picture of Stratus Clouds

17. My Mom taking a picture of rocks.
017 My Mom Taking a Picture of a Rock

18. Me taking a picture of rocks.
018 My Mom Taking a Picture of Me Taking a Picture of Rocks

19. My Mom with two guys that like wearing yellow.
019 A Picture of My Mom With two Guys That Like Wearing Yellow

20. My Mom taking a picture of me opening up a water bottle.
020 My Mom Taking a Picture of Me Opening a Water Bottle

21. My Mom taking a picture of restaurant menus.
021 My Mom Taking a Picture of Restaurant Menus

22. My Mom taking a picture of a fruit bowl.
022 My Mom Taking a Picture of a Fruit Bowl

23. My Mom taking a picture of me pumping gas.
024 My Mom Taking a Picture of Me Pumping Grass

24. My Mom taking a picture of me fed up with her taking pictures of me.
025 My Mom Taking a Picture of Me Sick of Her Taking Pictures of Me

25. A picture of stray cats.
006 A Picture of Cats

Select Photos Two

Oh boy, oh boy.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall in Pittsburgh!  Time to get out there and snap a few photos … in the meantime, here are a few more photos from the archives.  As always, feel free to download and use them for whatever.  Mi photos es su photos.  And if you’d like a high res photo, send me a message and I’ll hook a brotha’ or a sista’ up (or a transgender; I don’t discriminate).


July 18, 2009
Oak tree. One of my favorite hangout / hideout spots behind the house where I grew up.
Shanksville, PA

September 13, 2010
Former YMCA / Current Y Lofts under construction
Scouted for the movie “One For The Money”
120 S Whitfield St
East Liberty, PA (Pittsburgh)

November 1, 2009
Moraine State Park
Portersville, PA

October 24, 2010
Picnic area at Seven Springs Four Seasons Resort
Village Drive
Champion, PA

November 27, 2009
Unity United Church of Christ graveyard just after a snowstorm
2074 Huckleberry Highway
Berlin, PA

October 21, 2010
Windmill Farm
Entrance Dr / Route 160
Friedens, PA (Near Shanksville)

April 16, 2011
GAYNGS concert
Coachella Music Festival
Indio, CA (Near Palm Springs)

June 20, 2008
Sunset at Harriet Street (Behind the Island Studio Soundstage)
McKees Rocks, PA

November 7, 2011
Antoni Gaudi’s “La Sagrada Familia”
Barcelona, Spain

July 4, 2012
4th of July fireworks display
Renziehausen (Renzie) Park
McKeesport, PA.

May 18, 2009
Taken in the field behind the house I grew up in.
Shanksville, PA

September 29, 2012
Sunrise at Moraine State Park (North Shore Boat Launch)
Portersville, PA

September 19, 2012
Old farmhouse and horse barn
Scouted for the movie “American Pastoral” to be filmed next year
Worthington, PA

February 1, 2010
Streets of Georgetown
Georgetown, Washington D.C.

November 3, 2011
Basle, Switzerland