20 Question And Answers With the Dimwit – An Apology

Hello fellow bloggers and you poor, unlucky souls that had the misfortune to stumble across this blog.  Thought I’d take a break in the action from Photoshopping ferocious wolves and writing fictional stories about the Baha Men for a minute if that’s all right.

I was nominated for three awards this past week.  It’s an honor, really.  The only awards that I’ve ever won are things like the “Hustle” award in basketball, and “Most Likely to End Up In Jail.”  Nailed both of them suckers, too.  My parents were proud to get that phone call at 2 AM, let me tell you.

The nominations mean a lot, they really do.  However, I’m sad to report that I have to decline.  I was really conflicted as how to go about it, and I even wrote to a seasoned blogger friend to see if she could offer up some advice since I’m kinda new around here.

I figured I owed some sort of explanation as to why I’m declining the nominations.  So here it is.  I’ve been busy writing.  Crazy busy.  Maddening days and maddening nights typing away at the keyboard and Photoshopping.

Pretty soon I have to go back to working on movies, back to a job that pays.  So I’ve been trying to get the next few months all finished up, so I can still post a little madness for you all when I’m working.  I don’t want your lives to all the sudden lose purpose and meaning when the Dimwit’s gone.   That would be something awful.  So I’m declining the nominations so I can keep plowing forward and remain focused on writing.  Hope you understand.

But of course just like a thank you is never enough for a madman like myself, an apology is never enough either.  I’ve done some digging.  I have all sorts of keepsakes that I’ve saved over the years – journals, high school essays, drawings, embarrassing poetry.   Well, I managed to dig up a good one.  I found this handout from my Speech class in 9th grade.  It’s a list of 20 personal questions and answers.  I noticed on the rules for the award nominations, they had you fill out 10 questions about yourself, so I thought I’d share my personal answers with my fellow dimwits as sort of my apology.  It’s outdated, sure.  But honestly, the answers haven’t changed all that much in *gulp* 20 years.  I was as ornery then as I am now.

I was a teacher’s nightmare, and boy did I like to give them fits.   I was a smartass, the class clown, cracking jokes, disrupting class, skipping classes, wondering around the hallways, and skipping school.  But I was also the kid who took the smelly girl to the school dance when I found out she had been taking showers in the mornings at school because her parents couldn’t afford things like soap and shampoo.  So even though I gave them fits, the teachers cut me some slack because they knew I had a kind heart and meant well overall.  I also graduated top of my class, so suck it teachers!!!  That was my final hoorah for them, and boy did it drive them mad.

Well, I tend to ramble in case you haven’t noticed, so I better wrap it up.  Below are my 20 personal questions and answers.  For any of my *gulp* elderly? ancient? readers who have trouble seeing with your cataracts, you can click on the image, and it should open up nice and big.   Here are my 20 personal answers….

Peronal Inventory Exercise

There you have it.   A little history and background on the Dimwit dingaling.  I’ve got some good stuff coming up.  More Photoshop tutorials, famous guest bloggers, online reviews, an advice column, and lots more madness.

I do appreciate the nominations.  Feel free to nominate me for more if you’d like.  Just let me know, and I’ll give you a plug or something in return.  Below are the three, kind folks who nominated me.  Please be sure to visit their blogs and go give them all sorts of fits.  I will do the same.

1.  Sassy Panties – She has a avatar-whoozy-ma-whatzit photo of a child picking it’s nose.  She’s also my kindred spirit and she’s funny.  She likes to curse like a sailor, but don’t let that stop you if you’re more of a tame tiger.  She also has a kind heart.   She would be delighted if you stopped by, I’m sure.

2.  KiralynBlue – She’s an over-analyzer, ninja squirrel wrangler, and urban fantasy author.  Those are her words, not mine if you can believe it.  Does sound intriguing.  I’d suggest you give it a click.

3.  Aspiring Writer 22 – Meet Herminia Chow.  She’s 22 and an aspiring writer incase you haven’t gathered from her blog title.  She’s also Canadian, but we won’t hold that against her.  She seems lovely, so show her some support if you would.

Cool, well thanks again.  And sorry if I’ve missed any replies to your comments.  I do read them all and try to answer them as best I can, but my mean boss is a slave driver (and also a dimwit.)

Cheers to you all.