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It seems like everyone is a photographer nowadays.  Every time I get on Facebook, somebody has started a new photography business.  It use to annoy me – buy a nice camera, aim it at some pretty stuff, and suddenly that makes you a professional photographer –  but now I think it’s great.  I say the more photographers the merrier, because the saying “it’s a small world after all,” that’s just some bullshit Disney saying that somebody made up anyhow.  It’s a great, big, ginormous world after all, and there’s not enough time for a person to see everything.  So when somebody can take some nice photos and really capture a moment, take you to the top of a 15,000 foot cliff, or place you along a peaceful river bank to watch the sunrise, I’m all for it.

Go on shutterbugs.  Fire away.  I just have one bone to pick, however.   If you insist on incorporating a flower into your logo, or if you dot your i’s with hearts, or if your flyer looks like an 8 year old made it during arts and crafts at summer camp for mentally challenged children, than I can’t take your photography business seriously.   Sorry.  That’s just the way it is.  Maybe you should take up selling scented candles or tupperware instead.  Oh my gosh, was that mean?  I’m sorry.  I woke up at, like, 4 o’clock this morning and I have to work all day today with these folks from Toronto.  Ugh.  Folks from Toronto.

I’m not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy having an excuse to get outside and to see things in a different light, so I take photos from time to time.  Feel free to steal them and use them for whatever.  And if you’d like a high res photo, shoot me a message and I’m sure we could work it out.  Like maybe a high res photo for an Arby’s sandwich, or something like that.  I’m a pretty reasonable guy AS LONG AS IT’S NOT 4 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING.  Gotta go.  Toodles (by the way, is that not the worst expression ever?  Toodles.” Talk about a total barf-o-rama.  I think it’s time to go get some coffee now…)

September 19, 2010
Sunrise at Moraine State Park
Portersville, PA

March 4, 2010
The Coliseum
Rome, Italy
Taken during a two week vacation to Italy with my Mom.

March 20, 2011
Cap Haitien, Haiti
Taken during a one week medical and food relief mission trip to Haiti.

November 27, 2009
The Glessner Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge Road
Stonycreek, PA

November 12, 2010
Field in Shanksville, PA

September 26, 2010
Sacred Heart Parish Catholic Church
310 Shady Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

September 20, 2011
Goldenrod Field
Lake Arthur Water Tower
Portersville, PA

October 31, 2011
Town fair at Basel, Switzerland

March 21, 2011
St. Thomas More Church
126 Fort Couch Rd
Pittsburgh, PA
Taken during scouting for the movie “The Perks of Being A Wallflower.”

July 31, 2010
Wolf Rocks Hiking Trail
Linn Run State Park
Ligonier, PA

September 21, 2010
Dawn at Raccoon Creek State Park
Clinton, PA

October 11, 2011
Skull Bluff
Buffalo River National Park

March 20, 2011
Cap Haitien, Haiti
Taken during a one week medical and food relief mission trip to Haiti.

January 9, 2010
Laurel Mountain Ski Resort
Ligonier, PA

June 24, 2012
Windmill Farm
Wills Church Rd
Somerset, PA