Facebook Odds & Ends – Volume Two

Before I got sucked into this vortex otherwise commonly referred to as WordPress, I had another outlet to post all of my madness.  The other outlet was this little social network site you mighta heard of called Facebook.

I’m no longer on Facebook, with the exception of staying connected with just my family.  It’s maybe better that way.  Alcohol, late nights, and Facebook do not mix well together.  I proved that correct on one too many occasions, so I finally decided to pull the plug.  But before I pulled the plug, I collected some of the highlights throughout the years.

The following are some Facebook exchanges between my mother and I involving unicorns, birthdays, and such.  Facebook odds & ends, volume two.

*   *   *

Facebook Friends with Mom

Unicorn Army

40 thoughts on “Facebook Odds & Ends – Volume Two

      • Amber Dusick/Crappy Pictures PO Box 6705 Los Angeles, CA 91365Please note: I check this po box like twice a year at most. So nothing pislrhabee, okay? No kittens or monkeys. (I’ll accept live monkeys at my home address, you’ll have to email me for that. No longer accepting kittens. We have met quota.)

    • Great minds think alike! Maybe I’ll come up with some sort of contest and unicorn WordPress. Shame I had to leave Facebook. Not too many of my friends know about this blog, so they’re probably missing their unicorn fix.

  1. Well, now the world of the most awesome Dimmy’s have seen me at my best thanks to such an awesome son who seems to have inherited the “save everything” gene! See? There are definite advantages!!!

    PS I still can’t believe you went on that “unicorn all of Facebook” spree! That was hilarious! I felt so left out until the day you unicorned me!

    • Oh, trust me. I have much more in the arsenal. I’ve only scratched the surface. Thanks for the save everything gene, and also the golden, brown, ageless skin. I coulda used a little less of the batshit crazy gene, but it makes for a wild ride, so I guess thanks for that, too.

      I have hundreds of these unicorns! I’ll have to post more down the road. They still make me laugh.

    • Clearly Kung Fu chicken would win… Need I sing the Super Chicken theme song in order to remnid everyone of the awesomeness that is pissed off poultry? Fine… AhemWhen you find yourself in danger, When you’re threatened by a stranger, When it looks like you will take a lickin’, There is someone waiting, Who will hurry up and rescue you, Just Call for Super Chicken! He will drink his super sauce And throw the bad guys for a loss And he will bring them in alive and kickin’ There is one thing you should learn When there is no one else to turn to Call for Super Chicken! *buk, buk, buk* Call for Super Chicken! *Ba Bawk*No contest… Chicken FTW!

  2. Mama’s is the best! How’d you teach the kitty to do that? I see employment possibilities for my three, and if I get the dog involved, four.
    Confession: I’ve never Facebooked. I knew I would require a 12 step program and an alias when all was said and done.

    • My mom was right! Facebook is highly addictive. But I kicked the habit and moved on to bigger and better things: blogging. Aren’t you lucky?!! HA. And I think there’s a great career path ahead for your four. Unicorns are a hot sell. If they need any pointers, send ’em my way :)

  3. If only I were your friend at the time…. I can see why your mom was burning with jealousy, before her unicorn was made!! The order in which you made them may have symbolized something….favoritism! I’m glad your family wasn’t torn apart, and I love the unicorns:)

    • Thanks dear! I’m glad, too. We’re a tight knit bunch, woven together with craziness and laughter. We have a lot of fun when we’re together, except when it’s that person’s turn to be picked on. We’re merciless!

      Well, maybe I’ll figure out a way to unicorn some bloggers. It was easy on Facebook, cause I had access to everyone’s photos and just picked and chose the best photos to unicorn. It’s an art, you know. So I’ll just have to think of how to go about it, and give it a shot here on WordPress sometime. Cheers.

  4. I think I’m pretty broken hearted that I didn’t get to be friends with you on The Facebook. Mostly because I have an old married lady crush on you, but also because I would like to know what I would look like with a unicorn horn blasting out of my head – and also! No matter how many times you post Photishop tutorials? I don’t get it.

    • Now you hold on here one damn minute Marilyn Monroe. misses Robinson here would like to OVERRULE and DENY this reply.
      I too have a lil (large crush) on the dimwit. Ain’t he just the cutest thing you ever did see. And what kind of unicorn exactly were you trying to impress him with. Smh.
      You might be sassy in your panties. BUT I actually peed in mine. Too that Shugg. 😉😉😘. I’ll wait for your reply.

    • Well, hang in there Sassy Panties! Being a Photoshop Jedi Master takes time. I’ll have to whip up some more this week, and we’ll get you off and running in no time.

      PS. I have an old married lady crush on you as well :)

    • that however I admit I am such a geek and abeslutoly love statistical analysis and so the comment was almost arousing for me to read. Still the facts remain. I would be most interested to read the blog reference that leads to the assumption that in a random sampling of 1000 people, 100 would be interested in BDSM, 20 percent would be dominant and half of those would be female. I do get the 20 percent (80 percent of the sample would be submissive and thus 20% dominant) and don’t quarrel with that figure. But it has not been my experience that females make up 50% of the dominant or even potential dominant category. From what I know of the Kinsey research, 51% of those interested in BDSM were male and 46% were female. Assuming that remains a constant already we lose some of the actual or potential female dominants. Next more and more, I am meeting dominant women who prefer submissive females. This further erodes the potential universe of dominant females for submissive men. As Fox Mulder might say, “I want to believe” but I really can’t.Now with respect to your post, I do emphasize with your feelings and I think perhaps you are correct about the course you have chosen to embark upon. I also very much agree with you that the time in a relationship to share your submission bent is sooner rather than later. I myself am no getting any younger and I don’t think it disrespectful in the least to present my case immediately and then have the woman in question either accept or reject me on that basis quite early on rather than do the work on a long term relationship only to find in the end she has no interest or capacity to act as dominant. Great post and I very much enjoy following your excellent blog.CJ

      • I’m friends with pepole who’ve worked on other Time Team digs and they have similar experiences to you dear Tony knows very little about what is going on, and cares even less. I think the phrase arrogant arsehole’ was used on more than one occasion to describe him.The Durrington dig was slightly a-typical in that you were there for a long time whilst Time Team only filmed a bit of it, with Tony only there for a few essential snippets of footage so they could claim it was a Time Team show. But the man has to have script pepole who write what he is going to say surely they could have tightened the language up so how he wrapped up the show was not so totally false?Grrr.(My grrr being at Time Team, not the Durrington site pepole).Welcome to Bright Meadow, Durrington Digger. If you have any other tales of digging life, please share them with us

  5. Today I read about Unicorn on two wordpress blogs which were here and another one on ‘fish of gold’. Goldfish (blog owner) seems to like Unicorn too which her recent blog shows a cute Unicorn drawn in illustrator by herself :D

    Why do you like Unicorn? or do you really like them?

    • I love unicorns! Sorta in an ironic way, but who couldn’t like a unicorn? That’s like someone who doesn’t like little babies or puppies. It’s nearly impossible. They’re just awesome.

    • Not a bad idea, just so long as I don’t have to go back to school for a degree. I’m a much better professor than a student. Now that’s a class I would’ve taken in school, however. Unicornshop!

  6. As a teen my entire room was unicorns. My favorite movie was the Last Unicorn. I was obsessed. So you definitely are on my superlike list for blessing your friends with magical horns.

    • Thanks, dear! You’re on my superlike list as well. I wished I had a unicorn room when I was a teen, but I was more into sports and Paula Abdul at the time. My room was mostly NBA posters and swimsuit models.

      • Probably more appropriate….although it is a shame that our culture would think so! No one should be ashamed to have a unicorn themed anything!

  7. I only ‘liked’ this post because I wanted to be #69.
    No, really, it was pretty awesome (as WordPress is ever so fond of saying). I like the unicorning idea, I like the banter between you and your mom and I would like if you could possibly tell me where we might find a miniature purple Pegasus named ‘George’? I know a Pegasus it isn’t a unicorn but I think they might be cousins and my sig. other has been promising me George for quite some time. I finally got the tiara so I really shouldn’t complain but it tends to be more fun complaining than being thankful for what I already have.
    And back to you and what you have done (drum roll, please) …
    My favorite unicorned friend happens to be the zombie. Kudos. Hope to read more of your stuff soon. ttfn ;)

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