The Emmaus House

Man, you dimwits.  I don’t know what’s happening.  I can’t sleep.  It’s 1:47 AM.  It’s raining.  Heavy thunderstorms and crashing lightening.  I have the windows opened.  There’s a nice breeze and it’s rather peaceful.  I like thunderstorms.  There’s probably some sort of metaphor in there to sum up my life.  Heavy thunderstorms and crashing lightening bring me peace.

Listen, I joke around a lot.  This is a humor blog primarily but sometimes you have to know when to put jokes aside.  This is one of those times.

I just wrote to some missionary friends of mine that are living in Haiti.  Sent them a message on Facebook at 12:48 AM.  The one gal responded immediately at exactly 1:00 AM.  What in the world is she doing up at 1:00 AM?  What possible reasons could there be for her to still be awake?  Probably for the same reasons as me.  She has a lot on her mind.

My friend Jillian and her husband Hunter are responsible for taking care of dozens of orphans in the city of Cap-Haitien.  Tragic cases.  Kids who lost their parents to earthquakes, kids who had their parents give them up because they can’t afford to feed them.  It’s a real mess.  It’s sad.  It would break your heart if you only knew their stories.

I know firsthand because I went on a food and medical relief trip to the Haitian orphanage back in March of 2012.  I paid for the trip myself.  I was doing well financially at the time and I didn’t feel comfortable asking people for money to fund my trip.  It’s just a weird thing with me.  I don’t like asking people for money if it’s for my sake.  I’d rather starve.

I was working on a movie at the time that just started gearing up.  When I returned from the mission trip, I had lost my job.  Budget cuts.  I didn’t make the cut.  The trip cost me thousands and thousands of dollars because of the lost work.  It’s partially why I’m in the hole so much right now, but I don’t care.  I’d do it all over again because my poverty is nothing like the poverty these poor kids have to go through.  I have a roof over my head and a soft pillow to fall asleep at night.

God, I’m actually tearing up right now as I’m typing this.  Honestly, I’m a mess.  I’m sober.  That’s the problem.  Sure, that’s it.  Knock yourself out with some whiskey, kid, but it doesn’t change certain things no matter how much you drink yourself silly.  I can’t get these beautiful Haitian kids off my mind.  And that’s a good thing on a stormy night for a wild insomniac like myself.  Compassion can go a long ways.

I don’t have money right now.  I’m honestly broke.  But what I do have is an small audience of people that are reading my stuff.  Writing is cool, the recent recognition is nice.  I’m honored that I’ve been able to connect with so many strangers through my words.  But to me the real gift and the real talent is what a person is willing to give back if they’ve been blessed with a certain talent.

I have a platform at the moment being that I was just Freshly Pressed.  That platform might not last long.  I’m busy working on another film project and it consumes all my time.  The blog is gonna take a hit. People move onto the next funny blog or the next interesting thing if you’re too idle.  People want entertainment, they expect performance.  Rightfully so.  That’s fair.  I won’t be performing much in the next few months I’m afraid, so I’ll lose some people along the way.

I’m tired as hell.  I haven’t slept much the past week.  Tomorrow, the clouds will lift and the feeling of peace will pass.  It’s gonna hurt like a sonofabitch.  I have to be up in a few hours.  But this is important.  One day or one week of my restlessness could mean a happy and joyful life for one of these Haitian kids.  No pressure.  I can’t sleep.  So I’m up late writing, asking you guys for help.

The following links I’m about to share are religious based.  I don’t care what your religious affiliation is or isn’t.  I’ll be honest.  I avoid talking about religion because I’ve never seen one topic divide so many people.  I’m not interested in dividing folks.  I’m interested in bringing people together if I have an opportunity to do so.  I have an opportunity.  Right now at 1:47 on a stormy night in Pittsburgh.  So please consider checking out these links and donating some money if you’re able.  You hear it all the time, but it’s true.  Any amount no matter how small will help.  And if you’re not able to donate or don’t feel moved to donate, that’s cool too.  I can’t donate either at the moment, but consider finding another way to help out people out if you’re able.  Be good, little dimwits.  Bless your hearts.

1.  Emmaus House – A blurb from Hunter & Jillian’s website:  “A home to transition young adults from Cap Haitien Children’s Home to independent living. To provide life skills, professional skills, and education to afford them the opportunity to be faithful, strong, knowledgeable, followers of Christ and able to spread the gospel in Haiti.”

2.  Jillian’s Blog – Jillian shares confessions of what it’s like to be a missionary.  Honest, powerful read.  Check it out.  Tell Jillian the Dimwit sent you, and give her a hard time.  And tell her to go to bed!  1:00 AM?  Crazy talk.

3.  The Emmaus House Facebook Page – Lots of updates, stories and profiles on the kids, and other cool stuff.  Give it a Like please.

4.  Hunter’s Photography Site – Hunter’s the man!  C’mon, his name is Hunter.  He takes great photos and let’s you experience Haiti through the lens of his camera.  Give his blog a look and a follow.  He’s a big nerd, and gets all juiced up about those sorts of things like most of us tend to do.

Okay, well I think I can rest peacefully now and catch a few hours of sleep.  I just really needed to do this.  It’s been on my mind for a while now.  Hunter and Jillian are such great people, and the life of a missionary is not an easy one.

I kid you not, the rain just stopped.  There’s another metaphor in there or something.  Time for bed, but not before I leave you with a few photos from my trip.  I have a lot more but this will do for now.

Take care dimwits.  Thanks for being awesome.

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72 thoughts on “The Emmaus House

  1. Sleep well, Congratulations on Freshly Pressed, and on using your platform so well. Best wishes in your new venture, I am sure if you work it as enthusiastically as your blog you will do very well.

  2. Dude… don’t worry about your blog … it’s not going to pay the rent. Your new job is the big thing you should focus on … The True Dimwits will stick around, whether you post regularly or not.

    Sleep… eat… be well.

    You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

  3. I have never seen more beautiful children. Or a more beautiful Dimwit (the tiara really works). God Bless you my Dearest Dimwit Friend. What a post.

  4. wow. those photos really say it all. thanks for using your platform. and congrats on its rapid rise and expansion. from one insomniac to another– get some sleep!!

  5. We are meant to do our work so that we can hopefully generate a surplus that can use it to impact the lives of others. Work and play as you can. Play healthily my friend. i would encourage everyone to subscribe just so we can see your dimwit light lit when you get a moment through email notification. Use this outlet, but not for us. Silly dimwit, don’t make us your burden. I bet some here are adult enough to have understanding and the patience of one of those artist that paints portraits on dollhouse hair brushes using a single mouse hair – I am not one of those types, but I’m sure someone will understand. You hurry back at your own pace. We will hold your seat.

    I appreciate you for presenting the links and photography. i thought i saw poverty on the other half of the island that is the Dominican Republic. Until one day I spoke with a Haitian young guy that had came over to work. Haitians cross over to Dominican Republic much like migrant workers come north from Mexico to the US. He spoke six languages fluently and wanted me to speak daily with him to help his English. We spoke a bit. English would have been his seventh language and the one that would allow him to work in tourism. to learn English, he worked for an ultra-low wage just to do landscaping anywhere near English speaking people and learn by osmosis. He was working out of country, with four children behind with a wife and he was lonely.

    So, I try to extrapolate that kind of poverty and need into the orphans of earthquake victims as so eloquently captured in your photos. It is an island of beautiful souls that can seem to live and relive, generation after generation, just the most tragic man-made and natural disasters. Right now, we see in horrors of Oklahoma, but in Haiti, there is little in way of relief and the home that they lost was not that of brick and shingles and two bathrooms and a dog that they cannot afford to feed. Both are tragic of course, but in Haiti, you can remain an orphan indefinitely. I’m grateful that you write – for many reasons. As you can or as you desire to.

    • Wow, man. Thanks Scott. I have off today, so I’m taking in the sunshine at a park. Thought I’d read through some comments and yours is one of the reasons I dig a fella like yourself. Anytime you go back on tour and need a scrawny, 170 pound roadie to haul around your amps and guitars, let me know. I can get some good stories and we’ll have a blast. Cheers.

    • And thank you. It’s strange how you can miss people on here when life gets busy and you don’t have time to correspond, but I’ve missed your sweet sentiments and smiling face :) Hope you’re well.

      • I’m doing fine and I think it’s alright for you to miss some comments during your hectic life (get 2000 dimwits, freshly pressed, and a job with paid … Ha I quite knew sth about you) as long as you still update your diary here.

        For me, I think it’s great that someone, who owns the efficient way (good at words) of conveying the interesting stories to others, keeps doing what they do and adding some stuff to help those in need.

        I don’t want to sound cheesy but what you and your friends have done inspires me in some ways. (For example: Remind me to look around in my own country where we still have our problems)

        P.S. I wanna give donation to the site you’ve written about but it allows only people in US to do that I chose another method to help by Liking the FB page as thier suggestion.
        P.S. Have u heard of Zach Sobiech? His story is such an inspiration.
        P.S. :)

  6. Can´t donate myself, but I sure can help telling other friends, I myself ( and I´m quite to date on world affairs) forgot all about Haiti, probably because the media did too, not blaming them. So thanks for uploading the info on my little diskdrive I have for a brain, good thing you´re doing here.

    • Thanks! It’s the main reason I wanted to go to Haiti. I don’t have a lot of knowledge of life in third world countries, and what better way to gain some knowledge than to experience it a little firsthand. Now I’ve got Haiti tattooed on my heart, and I try to bring light to their many needs whenever I can. They’re such wonderful people that just drew a bad hand in life to no fault of their own. Thanks for sharing with your other friends.

  7. You have heart. i book marked all of your sites and will visit each one, as well as donate when I can. Take care. The world needs more people like you.

    • Thanks for the reblog and the nice sentiments. I’ve been on the receiving end of random acts of kindness and so I try to be on the giving side too when I can. It’s how the world goes ’round. Help each other out, take care of the less fortunate, and be appreciative of kind acts when you are one of the less fortunate. Thanks again.

  8. I know that there are many ways to help and being in a position similar to yours right now (a broke college kid) finances are tight. But I will keep Haiti in my prayers, and I will keep you in my prayers. Trust in God. He is always in control!

  9. well done! it only seems appropriate the king of the dimwits know when to not be so dim. i feel similarly when i think of the kids i worked with in detroit (okay so its not another country i couldn’t ever afford that, but those kids hurt too). i volunteered to work with inner city kids about violence prevention and education promotion. it was certainly emotional and eye opening to see kids not being able to be kids because they live in fear so often. i remember being in a middle school and in one of the classrooms the kids pointed out to houses across the street that had various acts of violence and drugs. it would happen so close to the school it literally wasn’t safe for the kids to ever get recess… ever. all day long in a brick and mortar building – boring, but safe. they were safer in that school than walking to or from it or even at home sometimes. pretty sad. anyway – you clearly have a heart and that’s a beautiful thing. i agree with your friend john, real followers will still be here. as it just so happens, i just got paid, so maybe i can make a donation. :) take care!

  10. You are something else. In a good way. I know that doesn’t make you rich, or pay the bills, (i know this cause I am something else too) but in the long run your life is going to be all the more rich for the person you are. Congrats on your recent success, and just keep on keepin on.

    • Thanks Buzz! It has been a rich life so far. I’d change some things here or there if I could, but not too much. Thanks for celebrating with me and for the encouragement. I’ll keep on keeping on and you do the same.

  11. You have a beautiful heart. And that’s a beautiful crown you’re wearing. I can’t keep up with my blog on a regular basis either. Too many things going on. Just post when you can. Randomly. Like, maybe if you can’t sleep at 2:00 am. Sometime 2am can really be prolific, like this post. Have a great summer! I’ll always be a dimwit. Baby, I was born that way.

    • Ha! Was that some sort of Lady Gaga reference? Nice. Thanks for the nice words. You have a great summer too! I had off today, so I went to the park, took in the sun, worked on the farrmer’s tan and now I look like a lobster. I love summer! XO

      • I’m not that much of a internet reeadr to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Cheers

    • you’re in point of fact a good webmaster. The site londiag pace is incredible. It kind of feels that you’re doing any unique trick. Furthermore, The contents are masterwork. you’ve done a wonderful job in this subject!

    • Yeah, she was stank eyeing it for sure. Thanks for the well wishes. The job’s been going pretty good so far and supposedly 3 more projects on the way, so should be a busy summer / fall. Which means the Dimwit can buy some whiskey!!! Woo hoo.

    • Thanks my pee pants dear! I guess they play princess even in Haiti. This little girl took everyone of the toys from the box and dressed me up. I’d take them off, set them aside, she’s take them and put them back on. Over and over for like an hour. She was my little buddy.

      • You called me pee pants.
        You should read my tractor tippin blog.

        And the Emmaus house…our youth from our church tried to visit a few years ago, but the trip was canceled.
        Our rector made the decision.
        Bummed. Small world.
        Thanks for always making me pee.

  12. Beautiful post. I especially love: “I avoid talking about religion because I’ve never seen one topic divide so many people. I’m not interested in dividing folks. I’m interested in bringing people together if I have an opportunity to do so.”

    Your compassion is evident in your words. And you are so right – there is a time to be silly and a time to be serious and it is a balance of both that help us get through life.

  13. I will give you the simple reason that we stay up as late as we do…. When living in a children’s home with 42 kids…it is the only time that it is quiet. We have uninterrupted work time and personal time when the generator goes off at night. You parents know how it is…

    • 42 kids!!! That is the definition of insanity, Hunter. I thought I was insane. Whew. Well, I can certainly appreciate the need for quiet time. When I’m working on movies, I don’t get much sleep. But after a long day of interacting with people all day, I’d rather lose an hour of much needed sleep to listen to music or take a quiet walk at night. Congrats on raising $10,000!!! Wishing you well to the $20,000 mark. Very cool. Please tell Jillian I said hello.

  14. Lovely post, thank you. You might dig the recent TEDtalk w/ Peter Singer encouraging all of us on effective altruism. Something tells me that your life will shake out moneywise – champs always have a come back. Cheers ~ a

    • Thanks for reading! I’ll have to check out the Peter Singer video. I love the TEDtalk series. Haven’t seen a lot of them, but they’re always enjoyable. Thanks for the recommendation. Yeah, the money thing will come. Everybody says money isn’t everything but it sure is something when you don’t have any of it. But I’m back to work and making good money again. Sweet! Cheers right back at ya.

  15. Absolutely love this. Amazing photographs and awesome way to use your blog! I loved you just a little bit before but now I love you a lot. Well done.

  16. Pingback: Check out this awesome blog: | stranger-with-stories

    • Thanks Noah. For sure. Plenty of ways to do it. I gave up my TV several years ago. Don’t have a Netflix account. That was all the difference I needed in my life, because it gives me those extra few hours a night to go eat dinner with sweet, old ladies, or take a walk and meet someone who needs some help. Who knew? Our grannies were right. TV is the devil!!!! Kinda crazy I made a career working on TV and movies. Leave it to the Dimwit.

  17. A like for the time being. And a thank you from thousands miles away. Some people just stic to their cyrcle of people. It is not just humour they are after. Carry on!

    • Thanks my friend! That’s nice to hear. A big thank you right back at you. I like hanging out with people of all walks. It’s always fun to hear their stories of love, heartbreak, struggles, triumphs, and then you come to realize, everyone’s story is kinda the same when you boil it all down. Just slightly different versions. I’m gonna find a way to put it all in a book someday. I think it would make for a nice one.

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